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Big Joe Stompbox Company Phaser Pedal Like us on Facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/DPSMUSIC Follow us on Twitter at https://Twitter.com/GoDpsMusic Connect with us on MySpace at https://New.Mysp... Best bass guitar effects rigs.

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[Vintage Stompbox Gallery]Companion Psychedelic Machine The EFFECTOR BOOK VOl.18 Vintage Stompbox Galleryに対応する動画コンテンツです。P.49に掲載した Companion "Psychedelic Machine" の試奏動画をUPしました。誌面と併せてお楽しみください. Kona jazz electric country guitar. Left hand beginner electric Squier guitar.


Best Amplifier guitar modification

GT-3W Guitar Amplifier

GT-3W Guitar Amplifier.

Bugera 333XL Electric Guitar Amplifier Head Demo

http://www.worldmusicsupply.com/Bugera-333XL-All-Tube-Guitar-Amplifier-Head.php Joe Delaney, Product Specialist from Bugera Amplifiers, demonstrates their 3...

D-Lab NCX Newcomb amp electric guitar 6V6 amp demo vintage amplifier

My newest creation. This amp employs a 6V6 output tube. Transformers are original vintage Newcombs. Sounds very smooth. Built in a customized bent wood cabin...

Lazy way to see amplifier volume level

I couldn't tell where the volume knob was on my amplifier, now I can.